El Salvador Ultimate 2019

Academia Brit├ínica Cuscatleca (British School)
Santa Tecla 
El Salvador
Date & Time: 
Saturday, April 27th 
Hat format
8:30am until early afternoon
Sunday,  April 28th
Team grudge matches (El Salvador vs Guatemala City vs Antigua/Xela...)
Start time 8:30am (we will be finished by lunchtime to allow for travel time back home)

We ask that people try to arrive by 30 mins before the starting time, to give time for last minute team adjustments and warm-up. 

What to bring: Appropriate footwear for grass pitches, a light shirt and a dark shirt, good spirit, and sunscreen as needed. 
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Justin (Justin Klubnik) M
2. Krystal (krystal cordero) F
3. Leah (Leah Bossom) F